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Why marketers need a seat at the table

A friend was telling me he was recently “ring-side” at a debate between a marketer, a lawyer and a compliance officer. All of them competent, committed people possessing plenty of common sense. The meeting was meant to be a client’s final...

Data driven marketing – is there any other kind?

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" While we don’t have the answer to that particular philosophical conundrum, it’ a question we could level at modern marketing. Because if we compose messages that...

GDPR – the story so far

The new legislation creates an onus on companies to understand the risks they create for others, and to mitigate those risks. In short, GDPR…

Customer experience – taking a bite out of Apple

Customer Experience (or CX, for short) is 2017’s go-to ambition. Not just for marketers but across the whole of the C-Suite. Reading around the subject I’ve been struck by how much, and for how many of our peers, there’s a reliance on the digital...

Old-skool marketing “touches” and why they still work

I’m not sure if it’s a bit passé now, even old-fashioned. But, when they were static and inflexible – that is, before they became automated and triggered – campaigns were said to be built from a series of marketing touches. A succinct way and a...

The “diva is in the detail” –  secrets of customer service

You no doubt heard about Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve epic fail? Likewise Madonna’s fall at the Brits when her dancers tried to drag off her cape while she was still attached to it? Incidents like these are all the more surprising when such...

Direct mail trumps email every time

We all have favourites. There’d be no fun in a tin of Quality Street otherwise and most British families’ Christmases would descend into carnage with everyone fighting over the same treat! And, while we try and remain “channel agnostic” we’re...

Top data-experts’ data management tips

I’ve had another “Monica Geller episode”. You know the girl from Friends who borders on the obsessive compulsive, with her lists, tidiness and need for order? Well, I’ve been struggling to successfully manage my “data management tips” data. What...

10 reasons why direct mail still rocks

Stifling a yawn (and a snigger or two) I’ve just read in The Drum that “Marketing 'renaissance' trends are back.” Seems stuff we’ve always done, and channels we’ve always used (and which have always been known to work) are back in fashion!

10 innovative personalised promotional gifts

Keeping your brand “front of mind” is tricky. Cutting through the noise and making our messaging stand out keeps us all on our toes. We’re great believers in the power of branded, personalised promotional gifts (of course!) and so we love to see...

How do you publish a Personalised Book?

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How do you start a personalised promotions campaign?

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