10 innovative personalised promotional gifts

Keeping your brand “front of mind” is tricky. Cutting through the noise and making our messaging stand out keeps us all on our toes. We’re great believers in the power of branded, personalised promotional gifts (of course!) and so we love to see eye-catching, smart examples even if most aren’t our own.

Check out our favourite ten from across the globe here:


1. It’s in the bag

This clever carrier bag, designed to prompt donors to give blood, is simple but so eye-catching and cheap enough to be produced in high volumes. A cool idea but probably not for the squeamish! 

canoncamerabag-660471-edited-684708-edited.jpg2. One for the camera connoisseur

Rather more high-end, built to last and obviously more expensive to produce, this is a “camera bag” just not in the conventional sense!


3. The last straw

A printed drinking straw might not be right if you’re in manufacturing but in the exercise and fitness industry it could be a winner. A relatively inexpensive giveaway that screams “clever” and “relevant” in equal measure.




4. Don’t forget to brush!

Branded confectionery works for most of us but this lollipop when eaten to reveal a toothbrush is a fantastic way to remind kids (of all ages and sizes) to brush their teeth after sweets.

vantage_stain_remover-944899-edited.jpg5. Out in the wash

Everyone knows that your odds of spilling tomato ketchup are exponentially increased if you’ve opted to don a white shirt. These pouches, in the shape of a ketchup splodge, contained stain remover for just such an occasion.




6. Love it or hate it

The world may be divided on this one but if you’re a lover of the tasty toast-topper then you’d be doubly pleased to see a personalised pot on your breakfast table! We’re talking Marmite, of course. The most popular name in Christmas 2015 was apparently “Dad”. So that’s what you buy the man who has everything…

7. When toast doesn’t cut it for breakfast

If you love cereal, and who doesn’t, a gr-r-reat personalised spoon with your name and favourite Kellogg’s character engraved on it is enough to get anyone out of bed on a winter’s morning.  50,000 of these were shipped every week with deliveries to 28 countries and in over 15 languages.

8. A business card, with benefits

One way to ensure people hang on to your contact details is to have them printed on something useful. RFID blocking sleeves and holders keep contactless cards safe from “e-pickpockets” equipped with readers and, every time they take them out, they see your logo and details. Nifty, eh? 

51HiRpb45PL-389904-edited.jpg9. Not exactly a “hair shirt”

Topical and practical these Donald Trump socks are good for keeping your feet (and ankles) warm, as well as a conversation starter when out with friends. Not sure how they’ll wash but I suppose you can’t have everything.

 10. Last but not least…

While branded pens are hardly new, this is another topical gift that caught our eye. This time a talking pen in the shape of the  new president. Simply press his hair to hear one of “8 popular sayings”. Sounds like a winner!


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