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The best of the best – recent marketing excellence

There used to be a joke in IT circles, largely at the expense of technophobes, that typing “Google” into Google would cause the Internet to blow up. Hilarious, but at the same time kind of plausible… At this time of year, type “Christmas” into a...

GDPR Checklist – the direct marketing edit

Nobody likes a smart Alec. And nobody takes kindly to being told what to do. But, when it comes to GDPR, many marketers are asking for just that. They want to do their jobs, do them well and, at the same time, understand and abide by the rules....

Personalised children's book – fun and learning in one

In the days of the tablet, and when even toddlers have mastered the pinch gesture to zoom in, you’d be forgiven for thinking that printed kids’ books are likely to become a thing of the past. Far from it. In May the BBC reported that, with 2016...

GDPR and direct mail will win the day

I was reading a post from a very grumpy chap on my LinkedIn network. He was bemoaning the fact that countless consultants and “gurus”, promising guidance and reassurance around the imminent General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), are...

Marketing fails and how to avoid them

With English widely acknowledged to be “the international language”, it’s perhaps surprising that there is no equivalent of the German word schadenfreude – that is, the pleasure derived by witnessing another person's misfortune. Perhaps we Brits...

GDPR - overwhelmingly good news for marketers

Being a marketer means relishing a challenge. Because, let’s face it, if you don’t you’re in the wrong job! The last 20 years has seen unprecedented changes – new channels, new technologies and now, new legislation – keeping us all on our toes...

Say "Thank You" to your customers with a Personalised Calendar

We all use a calendar. We all love the sight and sound of our own name. And we all value ‘something for nothing’.

Why you should be printing a customer magazine

There’s something slightly indulgent about a magazine. A newspaper oozes facts and smacks of seriousness, an online portal or news feed is immediate and transitory, but a magazine is an altogether more tactile experience for which a reader sets...

7 Reasons to Change Manufacturing Suppliers

Breaking ties with an existing supplier and switching to a new one is a big decision, and sometimes a tricky one. The change can be disruptive, inconvenient, even risky. But where there are clear reasons and distinct advantages it should be a...

Artificial Intelligence, marketing and being a dummy

When I feel I’m out of my depth, or I stumble across an innovation that I need a quick heads-up on, the “For Dummies” series of books is often my go-to resource. It seems though that, unlike Quantum Physics or Neuroscience, Artificial...

How do you publish a Personalised Book?

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How do you start a personalised promotions campaign?

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