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Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
December 11 2017,

There used to be a joke in IT circles, largely at the expense of technophobes, that typing “Google” into Google would cause the Internet to blow up. Hilarious, but at the same time kind of plausible… At this time of year, type “Christmas” into a search engine and you could expect the same result. Still weeks to go and the John Lewis ad is already old news, social media overflows with photos of dressed firs and, in many British kitchens, sprouts are peeled and ready for boiling.

Before the swath of New Year resolutions and predictions of future trends, we thought we'd compile a list of marketing work we've seen recently.


Best print ad


You would have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by the work of the Royal British Legion, and their “Rethink Remembrance” campaign this year was especially poignant. Supported by a 30-second film ad featuring the famous 'In Flanders Fields', the print ads depicted poppies blooming in unlikely modern-day settings. Beautiful and powerful.


Best Charity Christmas card


Hands-down winner for Yuletide 2016 was the Doctors of the World series of cards (by McCann London). At first sight they seem to depict traditional nativity scenes but a closer look reveals that each actually shows “war torn modern day reality”. Compelling design and a worthy cause.


 Best logo re-design


While Dropbox attracted a raft of criticism we approve of the flattened, simplified logo. Illustrating its desire to be viewed as a collaborative tool, rather than just a place to store files, it looks more current and offers users a range of colours from which to choose. Quite a novelty! A great brand and fine branding.


Best personalisation


It certainly isn’t big, nor particularly clever, nonetheless we’re big fans of those tiny little personalised tins of Vaseline that everyone (even A-listers) carry around as a lip balm. Why? Because they’re cheap (only £2.99), dead easy to order, and they deliver a powerful message to brands and consumers alike about the power of personalised packaging.

Grab yours here https://personalised-tin.vaseline.co.uk/


Best use of direct mail


O2, the mobile network, used direct mail which included a personalised digital hologram adviser - aka Digital Dave - to target 50 top key accounts. Data-driven, and with 50 customised messages, the mailer’s function was to “break the ice” and warm prospects for a follow-on sales call. Spanning 17 weeks the campaign as a whole generated 13 sales appointments, equating to £2 million in sales!


And finally…best Christmas cracker joke

"Q. Why did Michael Gove leave his Christmas dinner? A. He didn’t like Brussels."

Boom boom!

 P.S. We’re here all year, and not just for Christmas 😊 

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