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5 Creative Direct Mail Ideas you might want to try

Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
May 31 2017,
July 13 2020

If, when you think of direct mail you think “junk mail”, you definitely need to take a look at some of these awesome and inspiring examples. We’re huge fans of direct mail and love to see what others in our field are doing to push the boundaries and delight their customers. Check out these five of our recent favourites, for starters:


Smelly Christmas

Above + Beyond is a London agency well-known for its creative flair. Last year it decided to fly in the face of the usual romantic notions of Christmas, choosing instead to send its clients non-traditional cards that celebrated “the wonderful imperfections of the season”!

These took the form of scented Christmas tree air fresheners, impregnated with fragrances quirkily entitled ‘Dad burnt the turkey’, ‘Christmas Eve gridlock’ and even ‘Gran passed out by the fire’.



Ringing alarm bells 

Getting your direct mail opened is the first hurdle but, once you’ve overcome that, how do you ensure your message stands out and is memorable?

Swedish security company Sector Alarm found a sure-fire way of doing both. The envelope contained an alarm which was triggered and sounded once it was opened.




KitKat hand-picked 120 innovative companies and sent them each one of its new 11-finger Snap & Share bars.

Along with the chocolate treat they included in the package printed, mock parking lots and instructions for delegates to “park their phones” as a way of turning their next meeting into a more pleasant and inspiring break.



So, what’s your next chapter

In recognition of the fact that many of the world’s greatest authors started life in advertising, The Winston Fletcher Fiction Prize hopes to encourage others in the industry to make that same journey.

Having selected an elite group of ad men each was sent a bound book, blank except for a single line of copy “So, what’s your next chapter?”. And, while every book had the same title, the dust-jackets were individually designed to reflected the recipient’s own body of work and were accompanied by a hand-written note from competition judge Tim Waterstone.   


Return to sender? 

It’s reckoned some 4 billion people across the planet lack a proper address, and that’s a barrier to growth in many of the world’s developing nations.

Having identified its top 10 prospects, location services business What3Words wanted to reach out to Postmasters in these countries. But, with no address themselves, their own marketing letters relied on crafting hand written directions, maps, telephone numbers and descriptions and drawings – the tools local people currently use.

8 out of the 10 targets responded with one of these signing up for a trial!

Inspired? Or in need of more direct mail ideas? Get in touch, we’ve plenty more where these came from!



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