6 reasons why you should use Print on Demand

The evolution of digital print technology has meant that you no longer have to rely on traditional litho printing to get the quality result that your brand deserves. With the right equipment (like what we’ve got under the hood) the same quality standards apply to both kinds of printing. Plus, digital printing also gives you access to Print on Demand services.

Read on to discover six reasons why you should consider Print on Demand next time you need something printed.

  1. Get personal

Personalisation is the crowning glory of Print on Demand. When you want your content to really speak to your audience, make it do so on an individual level. Print on Demand gives you the ability to tailor as much or as little of the print design as you want - for each individual item. Call your customers by their name, only include information that is relevant to the recipient, build relationships with each member of your audience by making them feel valued.


  1. Be data driven

The high level of personalisation that Print on Demand offers means that the days of A/B testing printed material are a thing of the past. Instead, you can utilise detailed data to design your print campaign around the members of your audience – and ensure every penny that you spend, is well spent.


  1. Go small – or big!

The flexibility provided by Print on Demand means that you can order the exact number of items that you need printing. Even, if that number is as low as one. While Litho printing is extremely cost effective for large print runs, the price per item increases quite drastically as you reduce the size of the order due to the initial costs of creating the printing plates and setting the presses up. This process isn’t required when you print digitally, so it’s cost effective for both large and small print jobs. 


  1. Great when time is of the essence

We often get enquiries where our client needs something as soon as possible – or, even yesterday! With traditional printing, as much as we love to accommodate these kinds of requests, it’s impossible to turn anything around in the timescales needed. Print on Demand, on the other hand, is almost as the name describes. Need it for the next day? No problem. Hey, in some cases we can even turn it around the same day!


  1. Be environmentally-friendly

Being able to print only what you need, when you need it - and not having to print large quantities of material at a time - means that the need to order excess stock is completely removed. A decreased amount of material and energy is required to complete the print run, transport and storage requirements are reduced, and the number of items that end up being discarded is lower. This is obviously beneficial for the plant. Wins for both the planet and your brand.


  1. Maintain complete control over your brand

Imagine being able to pass the responsibility of getting items printed to individual departments or franchises, as and when they need it, without risking your brand identity? When you couple Print on Demand with state-of-the-art Brand Asset Management software, your central marketing department can provide each unit with all of the templates, designs and graphics that they will need to create on-brand materials. Not only that, the units can then also be empowered to use that very same software to Print on Demand what they need – while Head Office maintain control.


Would you like to find out how your organisation can reap the benefits of Print on Demand? Get in touch with a member of our team today.

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