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Being a “stand-out” supplier

Written by Jon Tolley
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Originally published
July 7 2017,

“I’m looking for a new supplier who provides exactly the same service as my existing one” said no one, ever. So, helping clients craft their marketing messages often starts with helping them identify their unique selling proposition (USP). But we recognise that it’s not always simple. When your business is complex, your offering multi-layered and your product range vast, how do you condense that into punchy, meaningful “soundbites” that resonate, while avoiding vanilla sales-speak and marketing clichés? 

Putting us to the test

We think we have the answer. Using ourselves as guinea pigs, and our core offering as an example, we asked ourselves 4 simple questions and then distilled the answers down to prove the point. Read on to see how it worked out…

1. What does Prime do? ( “the nuts and bolts”)

Well, we start out by asking probing questions about the client’s business, target market, anticipated results of the campaign and required ROI. And we listen intently to the answers in order to uncover issues, understand the client’s situation and anticipate likely problems and pitfalls before they arise.

Then we apply creative thinking, technological innovation, compliant processes and best practice - along with learning and past experience - to deliver successful marketing campaigns on plan, on budget and on time.

2. Who does Prime do it for? (or who pays the bill?)

Predominantly for brand owners and managers, retailers and corporate marketers, but for anyone else with a need to communicate effectively using data and personalisation.

3. How is Prime different to others out there? (or what makes US so special?)

In the marketing space, a unique set of technical/production competencies - bespoke portals, APIs, front and back-end development, ISO standards, personalised consolidation, batched production, 24/7 working, “Open House” accountability and transparent working, continual improvement and adherence to client SLAs – all set Prime apart.

But it’s not just skills. Prime’s people - including graphic designers, artworkers, data specialists, marketers and developers - are all passionate with a ‘can do’ attitude. They love what they do and are constantly looking for ways to get better at it …even if that sometimes means breaking a process to fix and improve it!

4. How does Prime make its clients feel? (or the “touchy feely” bit!)

Prime’s clients feel valued and that they’re in safe hands. Not in a dull way but in a “they’ve got my back” way. They trust that we have their interests and success at heart and that, constantly innovating, our solutions will always keep pace.

So Prime, uniquely? (or, what did we come up with?)

“We're the Personalisation People. We help our clients use their data effectively and so deliver increasingly more personalised and meaningful experiences for their customers.”

Your thoughts? Did we nail it?  

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