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Christmas – ‘tis the season for direct mail

Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
November 20 2018,
July 13 2020

Christmas cards, the printed ones at least, seem to have fallen out of favour. We receive lots of online messages – including those horrible e-cards – from suppliers and customers alike who are opting to donate to charity instead. That’s totally laudable and often the causes are extremely worthy but a shame because printed ones, particularly if they’re personalised, say so much more about the brand and the team behind it. But all’s not lost. Take a butcher’s at these brilliant examples of where direct mail, has stolen the festive show:



The Snowman Kit

This is an old one, but still our favourite. It won an award at Cannes and you don’t get much better than that.  Tequila Services, a New Zealand advertising agency sent a plastic bag containing water, a pipe, a carrot and two round black stones. Inspired…and great fun.



The Santa footprint

Spanish agency Shackleton developed their SantApp experience designed to keep Christmas special for families. In support of this they sent a mailshot to clients and friends, which included a template and spray, for parents to leave footprints for their kids to find. Cool and cute in equal measure.



The Holiday Pie-Chart

Helpful for those struggling to get in to holiday mode (we don’t count ourselves among this number!) this printed pie-chart accompanied by a chocolate version, gives hints and tips on how to relax and swap work tasks for more enjoyable and relaxing ones.


A White (toothed) Christmas

We’re big fans of calendars and advent calendars generally  but this one is both super-useful and pretty special. Containing two tooth-whitening Crest Whitestrips every day leading up to Christmas, recipients could admire their pearly whites in the mirror hidden behind the final door.



The Charity Gingerbread Man

While some donate instead of sending a card, communications business Bray Leino managed both. The message accompanying its one-legged gingerbread man outlined its support for the to the NoMore Landmines Trust.



The Ultimate Print Card

Creatives, along with anyone with an eye for design, appreciate the beauty of Letterpress. This authentic looking block with its festive message crafted from chocolate looks (almost) too good to eat.


Inspired, or looking for more inspiration? We can help with unusual and innovative Christmas print as well as calendars and cards. Set us a challenge!



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