COVID-19 SOLUTIONS - Cosmetic Tester

Cosmetic Tester Swatch

With the onset of COVID-19, cosmetic product testers have been removed from the consumer counters. Brands have been searching for inventive ways to help consumers choose the correct product shade to suit their skin tone. Diam contacted Prime and asked us to look at a concept they wanted to develop, which could be an answer to this problem.
The idea consists of a transparent substrate printed with more than 50 product shades which the client can hold against their skin and choose the most suitable shade.

swatch2With Prime's expertise in specialist digital print and synthetic substrates, we developed this concept into a manufacturable product. Using our High Definition HP Indigo digital press's which incorporates white ink and a 'one shot' print feature for perfect registration, Prime is able to reproduce the huge number of cosmetic shades accurately.

By printing a series of coloured dots, it allows the consumer to compare the colour with their skin tone. The synthetic materials can be easily cleaned (sanitised) after each use.

DIAM is an international group and brand partner all over the world. They create, develop and install Retail & Merchandising solutions to enhance the consumer's experience in points of sale.

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