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Digital printing adds value, branding and margin

Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
August 19 2019,
September 26 2020

The football season is underway. Between now and May, millions of us up and down the country will be spending Saturdays cheering our team on from the sofa, sideline or stand. And football means big money. Players command eye-watering sums, season tickets can fetch £1,995 and global brands compete for sponsorship opportunities. Even the club shops are in on the act.


Milking it


When Tesco launched its 200g footie-themed Cadbury Dairy Milk bar featuring touchlines, goals, and stands represented by chunks of the chocolate, it was only 50p more expensive than the standard bar. But football clubs spotted an opportunity. They realised that supporters were more ready to pay a premium if they changed the printing of the packaging, rather than the product itself.  Blackpool FC is just one of those offering a 110g bar, typically costing about £1.50 in a supermarket but, when club-branded, on sale for £4.00.


A triangular message


And Toblerone is a similar story. “Marching on Together” is the Leeds United anthem which rings out from Elland Road. Add those three words to a 360g Toblerone and the price soars from around £4.50 to a whopping £12.00.


For the toast


Fancy a tipple? If your team wins and you want to celebrate, what better than a branded bottle of vodka? While you might expect a best-selling brand of vodka to ordinarily set you back less than £20. This Nottingham Forest one, with a choice of fancy labels comes in at £37.



If you’d rather have Fizz, then Prosecco also gets the branding and personalisation treatment. A snip at £22.50 this Spurs version had better be good as it’s around 3 times the price of a comparable one from a wine merchant.


These examples demonstrate that whether it’s digital printing to personalise with a fan’s name, or creating short-runs with a club, season or special event, you can expect to increase margin two or even three-fold.

Digital print is the perfect tool for extracting maximum value and revenue from your brand. Talk to us if you’d like to know more.

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