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Direct Mail – envy-inducing examples

Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
May 2 2018,
September 26 2020

Every once in a while, someone cracks a joke or drops a killer line in to the conversation and you laugh, loud and heartily. You’re amused and happy for them but, inside, you’re secretly thinking “I wish I’d said that”.
Direct mail has the power to affect us in the same way. A rival agency or printer wins a plaudit, or an award, and we think “Grrrr, wish that was one of our jobs!” Here are just some of our “it should have been me” moments:

get rid of roots

Get rid of your roots

Show versus tell is the designer’s mantra and with this simple yet effective piece the designer Caroline Henson uses laser-cutting and two different colour substrates to great effect. It ticks the impact and interactive boxes and demonstrates exactly what the customer is going to get.  More...


BMW. Joy is cutting through winter.

BMW has large marketing budgets and affluent customers. Crisp, beautifully-designed and appealing materials are a must, and this piece of direct mail promoting the range’s winter tyres bears this out. Pulling on the strip of paper both reveals the inner mailer but also illustrates the effect the tyres will have on winter conditions. Ripper!  More...


Kit Kat Chunky’s ‘Chunky Mail’ Campaign

Who doesn’t love a KitKat? Both chunky and free, that has to be a winning combination. Perfectly personalised the piece was designed to look as though left by postie because the choc bar was ‘too chunky for your letterbox’. The most surprising thing was that some 13% failed to collect theirs! More...


Keen as mustard

Seems that the saying “keen as mustard” had its origins in the early 20th This direct mail campaign was a great way for “The Whole Caboodle” agency to demonstrate their keenness and was particularly useful if the recipient was planning a ham sandwich for lunch!


Message in a bottle

Immortalised by The Police back in 1979 a “Message in a bottle” is a romantic notion and one that was put to good use by Turkish design agency DDB & Co. They used it to pitch their portfolio on a USB stick to a small selection of clients they wished to work with. Way more welcome than those universally hated plastic water ones that now wash up on our shores.


The human touch

The choice of paper or card that your direct mail is printed on can never be underestimated. This heat-sensitive ink was used to promote the human touch that Zen Interactive promises its customers. Wow!


But we don’t do too bad ourselves. Our record on direct mail is pretty enviable and we’re proud of what we achieve for our own customers. Like the latest campaign for the National Trust which generated funds to secure 700,000 square metres of iconic land. Bravo us!

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