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Emergency Nepal Appeal - When “can’t” just won’t do

Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
May 19 2015,
July 13 2020

Plan UK is a global children’s charity committed to helping children in the world’s poorest countries. Last month, when news broke of the 7.9 magnitude earthquake toppling buildings, triggering landslides and killing thousands in Nepal, it immediately sprang into action.

With a need to raise money to aid the rescue and to do it urgently Plan UK, working alongside On Agency, responded with a fund-raising mailing to generate the maximum possible donations from a database of existing donors and supporters.

Time was, of course, of the essence. So when we were approached to help, we were determined to make it happen just as swiftly and speedily as possible.

A personalised appeal targeted to those already aligned to a cause has the best possible chance of raising funds. This meant that, along with the standard reply-paid DL envelope for responses, each of the almost 90,000 enclosed letters and integrated response forms had to be unique.

The challenge was that from arrival of the first artwork on Monday afternoon, through data merging, proofing, digital production and final despatch of the last UK and overseas piece, our guys pulled out all the stops to get the appeal out there and working in 48 hours.

David Percival, the Senior Account Manager at Prime responsible commented,

“We’re really proud to be entrusted with such an important and worthwhile job; even prouder to have achieved it under such time pressures.”

Diane Baxendine from On Agency was keen to thank David and the team’s efforts,

“My dad always brought me up with “there’s no such word as can’t” embedded in my brain. I’ve realised over the years that it’s rare to meet professional people with the same attitude! Thank you for being one of them. As always, it’s an absolute pleasure working with you!

If you want to help save the children and families endangered by the earthquake in Nepal, you can make a donation at www.plan-uk.org/nepalquake

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