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Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
November 29 2017,
April 21 2019

Nobody likes a smart Alec. And nobody takes kindly to being told what to do. But, when it comes to GDPR, many marketers are asking for just that. They want to do their jobs, do them well and, at the same time, understand and abide by the rules. There’s still plenty of GDPR confusion (and its not all bad news), much of it being fuelled by so-called “experts” who stand to benefit from the conflicting advice.

We’ve been doing our research and have made it our job to cut through the noise, preferring to rely solely on guidance that comes “straight from the horse’s mouth”.

The experts

Top of our experts list is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) whose role it is “to uphold information rights in the public interest” which makes it the go-to source for all things GDPR. In second place, the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) which provides training and learning programmes throughout the UK and has a vested interest in promoting and ensuring best marketing practice.

Relying on these sources, we’ve compiled a campaign GDPR checklist which you might like to use for each element of your direct marketing campaigns. Before you get started, checking the table below will ensure you are playing by the rules, for each channel and target audience.

GDPR Checklist




We hope you find all this useful. If you need any help, we can advise on GDPR regulations concerning gaining your customer consent, identifying their customers’ preferred communication channels, screening against the suppression lists and services and sharing best practice too.

Get in touch and let’s get as much of your marketing data opted-in before GDPR’s deadline date, call Steve Johnson on 01623 499944 or email me at hello@primegroup.co.uk.


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