How Does Print On Demand Work?

Our print on demand processes is built on smart automation, integration and collaboration. Whether you’re an ecommerce novice or an established, industry hard-hitter, you can rest easy knowing that you, your customers and your products are in capable hands.


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How does Print on Demand work?

  1. Define your niche market, audience and product.
  2. Create your designs and set up your store.
  3. Find a print on demand supplier. At Prime, we like to discuss your products, vision, strategy and required service level agreements. 
  4. Then we'll set you up with a Prime account and seamlessly integrate your online store into our production workflow via an API. 
  5. You can then choose your products from our large selection of personalised gifts and set up your artwork.
  6. That's it! You're ready to go! 
  7. Start promoting your online store.
  8. Once your customer places an order on your website, our production kicks into action.
  9. Our workflow automatically redirects the order to the nearest production facility.
  10. We start to print your designs on your products within 24hrs.
  11. The product then goes through an intensive quality control process.
  12. Your product is packaged and delivered directly to your customer using your brand. 
  13. After a set period, we would like to get together again, see how we are doing, talk about product development, market & customer insight, and increase your basket value to maximise profits. 


Why should you use Print on Demand? 

  • Money. No need to print in bulk, No inventory, No significant investment, No equipment purchase, No storage costs, No deadstock, No supply chain complexities, No shipping, No waste. 
  • Time. More time to create. More time for Marketing. More time to run your store– by removing the print process, management, fulfilment and shipping from your day today. 
  • Growth. Easy to expand and experiment with new products, designs, media and markets. 
  • Sustainable. Only produce what is required and when, reduction in waste, resource and carbon footprint.

Our processes are built on smart automation, integration, and collaboration; we both win by working together.

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