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Kellogg's Personalised Spoons

Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
March 8 2016,
May 27 2020

The company

Kellogg’s cereals hold a special place in the hearts of kids and adults alike and they’re a familiar sight on breakfast tables across the globe. So, in 2015 when they launched their first on-pack personalised promotion ever, giving their cereal-eating fans across Europe the opportunity to own a spoon with their name and favourite Kellogg’s character on it, take-up was naturally huge.

The challenge

With such a level of demand, excitement and high expectations from the Kellogg’s brand, waiting times from order to fulfilment were critical. Needing to significantly reduce these for Spoons 2 in 2016, while at the same time continuing to delight their customers, Kelloggs were inspired to seek Prime’s help to:

  • Reduce lead time from order to receipt from 90 days to as little as 1 week
  • Implement electronic “track and trace” throughout the entire manufacturing process
  • Put in place transparency and 360-degree visibility on ordering, production and fulfilment
  • Ultimately simplify the supply chain and management of the full process after order placement from manufacturer to end delivery.

The solution

Its unrivalled experience and already vast range of products in the personalisation space, meant that adaptations and developments to Prime’s already innovative workflow could:

  • Using APIs, connect the ordering interface direct into its manufacturing process
  • Manage all financial transactions and online payments
  • Design and source / produce all packaging and multi-lingual consumer information
  • Deliver spoon-assembly within the packaging for greater speed
  • Produce in a food safe environment meeting Kellogg’s comprehensive quality standards
  • Feed direct to the laser for personalised engraving that handles even foreign language characters and alphabets
  • Ensure data integrity with ISO27001 compliance
  • Simultaneously laser the unique order barcode onto the instruction leaflet, and name/character on to the spoon, to guarantee order accuracy and integrity
  • Improve the packaging elements with a more robust but lighter-weight vacuum formed case
  • Optimise postage and fulfilment costs and services across Europe and the Middle East
  • Improve the overall consumer experience


Our 2015 personalised spoon promotion across Europe and the Middle East exceeded all our expectations. For Spoons 2 in 2016 we wanted to enhance the consumer experience even further by significantly reducing the time taken for spoons to arrive and simplifying the supply chain. Integral to this was transferring production from the Far East to Europe and finding a partner that could handle all aspects of the promotion after the consumer ordered their spoon on our website. We were aware of Prime’s expertise in personalisation and they have met all our needs, complying fully with all our quality requirements and have reduced order to arrival lead time to as little as a week.”


Sam Blunt- Senior Marketing Activation Manager, EMEA Kelloggs


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