Local area marketing for national brands

Proximity often plays an influential role in the decision consumers make about which business they are going to spend their hard-earned cash with. If they are going to visit a store, go out for something to eat, or opt for a leisure activity, they're going to consider their nearest options first.


In all likelihood, they won't even need to take much time to think about their decision. They'll have a number of favourites that they automatically opt for time and time again. The problem is, being the creatures of habit that we all are, this makes it hard for businesses to break into new areas.

This isn't so much of a problem when an independent business opens as they can get to know the area intimately and build relationships from the ground up. But, for nation-wide chains, franchises, and multinational corporations who have centralised marketing offices, it presents a unique challenge. They often excel at marketing at a national level, yet lack the tools and capabilities to connect with their customers on a local level.

So, how can you become one of the local's favourites? The answer is creating a marketing strategy that targets the people who live within close proximity to each individual premises, known as hyperlocal marketing.


Here are our top three tips to help you crack the local market.

Tailor your messaging:

If you're not going to take advantage of the most significant benefit of local area marketing, you're really missing the point. The ability to tailor your campaigns so that they target the unique community located around that individual business premises is where local marketing comes into its own. 

Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative data, you can deliver messaging, offers and information that speaks directly to the consumers in the area. 


Keep your branding consistent: 

Brand recognition gives national and multinational, corporations a leading edge over smaller names – even when it comes to local marketing. 

If the customer has heard positive things about your brand or has previously had a good experience, they will be easier to convert. However, this depends on them being able to recognise the branding.

With Prime's Brand Marketing Hub, your national marketing team is freed up to focus on campaigns and activities that deliver business targets. Your network is empowered with the tools and collateral they need for conformant and effective, localised marketing.


Get to know the area:

While drawing a circle around each local branch is a quick and easy way of defining a target area for your marketing campaigns, it, unsurprisingly, is not the most effective. Local marketing is about knowing and interacting with the neighbourhood. You need to invest time and develop relationships, connecting with customers on a personal level and discovering what influences their decision making. 

It's also essential to research what the area is like geographically before mapping out where you will focus the campaign delivery. The result could end up heavily weighted in one direction, and the information you derive from this can help you with your strategy. 

Again, if this sounds like it's going to overload the central marketing team, simplify the process with data-driven local area marketing software and disperse the work to the individual centres. 


If you're ready to go local, get in touch to discuss the possibilities for your business today. 

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