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Prime Group gets a stamp of approval from Mailmark

Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
July 1 2016,
July 3 2020

“The cheque’s in the post”. A redundant excuse on two counts. Come on, who pays by cheque anymore? And, moreover, something being “in the post” just won’t hold water when EVERYONE knows that, when you’re determined to get something there – and on time - there’s a wealth of ways to send and track it.

And then came MailmarkTM

MailmarkTM is billed by Royal Mail as a service “providing business customers with a whole new level of mailing intelligence, reporting and visibility”. The result of a £70 million investment, it essentially creates the ability to track a consignment’s journey right through the Royal Mail network all the way to the delivery round. So making it invaluable for direct mail marketing.

How it works

  1. As mail is produced, a MailmarkTM barcode is added
  2. An electronic list is generated which is sent on to Royal Mail as an e-manifest
  3. As mail embarks on, and progresses through, its delivery journey the barcode is read
  4. A personal and customised report is generated
  5. Available online it can be checked to follow its progress, see its status and verify the quality of address data

Simple. But hugely effective.

The key benefits

  • Sophisticated reporting keeps you in the know
  • Transparency of where your direct mail is in the delivery process
  • Accurate knowledge of when it’s going to land (critical for triggering future campaign “touches” and follow-up)
  • Flagging up of any data issues
  • Oversight of the whole process
  • Great value with unmatchable discounts

Who does that then?

Well, we do! We’re proud to have been awarded Mailmark accreditation making our marketing customers’ direct mail campaigns even more effective. Success not so much in the post as “in the bag”!

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