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Marketing pains? Brand Asset Management is a simple solution

Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
February 12 2015,
May 27 2020

Roger Sterling was a genius. That’s not up for debate. Not just because of what he knew about the world of advertising but even more about the human condition and what makes people “tick”. Some of his quotes (rivalled only by those of the notorious Ogilvy) would make you laugh out loud. A personal favourite is,

"My father used to say this is the greatest job in the world except for one thing: the clients."

Most marketers love their jobs too. But ask them to narrow it down to just that “except for one thing” and they might struggle. Not because marketing isn’t a great profession to be in. Today it requires a pretty unique blend of creativity and practicality, tenacity and technology - with more than a smattering of adaptability thrown in for good measure.

The challenges, or opportunities as the ever-optimistic marketer prefers to call them, are not the intellectual or creative ones but more the routine, administrative and repetitive ones. Those that never go away and seem to take too much of the team’s time to service. We totted them up and discovered a round dozen! You know the ones;-

  • Requests for help and guidance from scores (or even hundreds) of locations
  • Sending and resending of logos, other assets and copy
  • Monitoring (even policing!) guidelines to keep everyone on track with branding
  • Checking, approving and amending artwork
  • Guarding against “brand slip” and inconsistencies
  • Searching for and managing assets to avoid licensing and quality issues
  • Generating national campaigns and localising them to be sure they’re 100% effective
  • Managing the production of marketing collateral across all channels, online and offline
  • Chasing multiple suppliers and liaising with procurement colleagues
  • Communicating over email rather than collaborating to keep everyone in the loop
  • Measuring ROI
  • Tracking spend against budget

But luckily it’s not twelve separate solutions that are needed to do ease the marketers’ pain and keep them in love with their job. Brand Asset Management solution ticks all of the boxes. If you’re just interested in seeing how much of your budget you could save, take a peek at our savings calculator.

While clients might have been Sterling’s bug-bear, if you’re looking after the marketing needs of a multi-site organisation without an Brand Asset Management solution you can rely on, dealing with pesky clients can seem like a walk in the (Central) park!

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