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Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
April 3 2019,
September 26 2020

The major fashion shows of the year - New York, London, Milan and Paris - are over. Those four weeks when the great and the good from the world of couture come together to out-design (and out-weird) each other. In fashion it makes sense to keep changing, the designers need to fuel our desire to stay current and “on fleek”. As marketers we’ve grown used to changing trends too, some classic others more avant-garde!
This is our verdict on CMO’s 2019 predictions.


Data privacy is here to stay

Hurrah for that! GDPR’s deadline came and went, and we can honestly say that most of our customers noticed little difference. “Good Data Produces Results” has been our self-imposed style-guide and the mantra we’ve sworn by since way before May 2018.  

Customer capital is the new currency

With the definition being “the value of a brand or organisation’s relationship with its customers”, it’s hard to see how customer capital could be deemed new. Show us a business that has neglected or taken that for granted and we’ll show you one that is no more or is in decline. We’re thinking customer capital is just a new spin on a comfy, old favourite.

Martech consolidation

Multiple platforms for multiple purposes have inevitably resulted in data-siloes and a disconnect between teams and departments. Not only has that hindered an omnichannel approach and multi-channel campaigns, it’s made a single view of the customer (SCV) impossible. This will be remedied as organisations consolidate and implement enterprise-wide applications. The result? A well-co-ordinated ensemble for all seasons.

Inclusive creative and design

Baby steps towards a more inclusive, equal and diverse approach are not enough. Instead, giant leaps are not just the right thing morally but also commercially. Personalisation, where both copy and creative are tailored, by its very nature tackles this head-on. Individualisation – the creation of wholly unique collateral – leaves no room for error, stereotyping or outfits that clash.

The rise of voice

With voice-activated devices appearing in most homes, listening to music, checking weather and searching for recipes are not the only things people are using them for. According to Versa’s “The Voice Report 2019”, four million will use their smart speakers for shopping this year. So, for consumer brands at least, optimising for voice will be a wardrobe staple and not just a nice-to-have accessory.

Marketing teams shift from specialism to consumerism

Putting the customer front and centre, or customer-centricity as its more often referred to, means that marketing teams ordered by specialism are defunct. Digital, social, above the line and below it, are meaningless terms to the customer and, as s/he interacts across media and channels, it makes no sense for us to restrict ourselves in this way.

Creative content is king

The creative was ever the key weapon in the marketer’s armoury for capturing a customer’s attention. And, with its tactile nature – texture, fragrance, finishing, interactivity, etc. – print has always had an edge.

Seamless UX

A bump in the experience road or a disconnect across channels can’t be risked if we want to nudge our customer along the journey. Being seamless across touchpoints whether physical, digital, online or offline is imperative and non-negotiable. The marketing equivalent of perfectly co-ordinated 3-piece suit.  

Programmatic remains dominant

The “ignorability” and pervasive nature of much of online programmatic advertising doesn’t seem to be curbing marketers’ investment in it. Programmatic direct mail, reliant on good data and swift digital (VDP) print, is already starting to make an appearance on the catwalk.


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