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Personalised books – easier than you’d think

Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
January 11 2017,

A cleverly sub-titled Guardian article published just before Christmas “Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a £17 pork pie with your name on it” had me salivating. But I was disappointed (though not surprised) to find one missing from my stocking. Instead, alongside doubtless 50% of the UK’s population, I received socks. Useful? Always. Exciting? Never.

Personalised pork pies might be something of a rarity but other (non-photo) personalised gifts look set to have hit a record high over the festive period and, with a forecast annual growth rate of 11% through to 2020*, that shows no signs of abating.


Book sales are on the up

Books, and particularly children’s books, are a prime example and this Christmas they appeared as a common and welcome kids’ gift. It’s hard to determine just how many are being produced as they aren’t registered and counted in the same way as mainstream books. However, as an indication, Lost My Name declared  sales of more than 132k copies in 2014 in the UK alone, while Mind Candy recently reported the creation “of over 500,000 pets” for its Petlandia books and merchandise.


So much more than a name

The options to personalise are manifold…and sophisticated. The name of the child or pet is just the starting point and, as an example, the Peppa Pig My Granny book lists first name and surname, hairstyle and colour, skin tone, eye colour, as well as optional glasses, personal messages, inclusion of siblings and that’s without granny’s details! Add to these avatar creation, gender, location and other options and such books become wholly unique and even more engaging for the receiver.


Got an idea?

We’re hopeless when it comes to pork pies but when it comes to creating a personalised book we’ve produced THOUSANDS and we’ve been doing it for years. Click here to check our e-guide and, if we can help, get in touch.


* according to Research & Markets.


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