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Personalised Print? It’s in the bag…

Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
December 2 2015,
May 27 2020

This year we’ve witnessed a huge increase in the demand for personalised bags. As in personalised ones that refer to the owner, as opposed to branded ones that refer to the supplier. There’s no denying that Mrs Jay-Z knows a thing or two about single ladies but, when it comes to bags, if you want people to keep them “then you shoulda put their name on ‘em”!

The one-off use / disposable shopping versions are set to become a thing of the past - or at least a jolly sight rarer than they have been – but things still need carrying and so people still need bags. Fortunately now it’s possible to create ones that are not only useful but also attractive and, if you want them to be, personal and totally unique.

It’s a gift

Nothing says it’s a gift better than a personalised bag which says, quite literally, “it’s a gift”. Etsy, eBay, Amazon and, of course, Pinterest are awash with examples of craft-type bags adorned with the recipient’s name, as well as their reason for deserving said gift. Whether a bridesmaid, a “hen” or just a guest, weddings are prime candidates. Great keepsakes they’re also perfect for wedding favours and as a reminder of the occasion.

Wrapping paper, printed digitally, is just as unique but then a bag (and potentially matching gift tag too) which doesn’t need to be destroyed to get to the all-important contents, has the benefit of being retained, even re-used.

It’s a surprise

For bags read also sacks. And the best known sack-carrier of all…Santa. As if Christmas morning and a sack full of presents isn’t exciting enough, filled to the brim and with your moniker on it has to be better still. Jute has an environmental twist but in cotton, canvas and even regular plastic, these sacks all fit the bill. Makes you wonder how the man in red (or his little helpers) knew whose pressies were whose before!

It’s a character

If you’re not a TOWIE fan, a reality TV celebrity, or a teenage girl, you’d be forgiven for not being familiar with the ClaireaBella, LoveLola or HunniBunni ranges. Custom designed to reflect skin tone, hair style/colour and eyes, these kooky caricatures are increasingly adorning make-up bags, totes, satchels and even the luggage of the fashionistas.

It’s promotional

While the High Street may be losing out on opportunities, bags remain a great way to get your identity in front of customers and consumers. Being useful and practical makes bags a winner though there is one really important thing to remember, as Peter Kay’s mum is fond of reminding him, be sure that any you buy have “them really good handles”.

Oh, and apologies to Beyonce…

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