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Personalised promotions – the what, when, why and how

Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
November 15 2016,
July 19 2019
Grey Goose, Marmite, Coca Cola and Jaffa Cakes. So, which is the odd one out? Marmite. Because, while the other brands seem to be universally loved, apparently, some people actually hate it! I know, as a Marmite-lover it makes no sense to me either, but you can't argue with the facts. What all four have in common though is a recognition that what makes them even MORE lovable, better-received and more gift-worthy, is personalisation.

There was news this week that Grey Goose vodka, surprisingly produced in Cognac, France and a favourite of us Brits, has teamed up with retailer Selfridges to offer customers a “bespoke” personalised Christmas gift set. Each of these comprises glasses, olive picks and a cocktail recipe booklet presented in a wooden box and engraved with a personalised message on the lid. Emma Fox, director of Grey Goose Europe, explained;

personalised promotions“With a personalised gift you can surpass the expectations of your loved ones, and this is at the heart of our brand ­ going beyond everything we do.”

We agree with Emma. And, while you could be forgiven for thinking that personalisation is only relevant to global, consumer-facing brands, you’d be mistaken. It is big, it is clever but it definitely shouldn't be scary.

We’ve compiled a useful “How to put together a personalised promotions campaign” ebook (downloadable here).
It breaks personalisation campaigns in to manageable chunks and answers the most common questions regarding the what, when, why and how.

Check it out and, if you still have questions, we’d be delighted to hear and answer them.


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