Personalised Gifts

Personalised Retail Gifts – A Checklist

Written by Jon Tolley
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Originally published
June 8 2017,
July 3 2020

When it comes to personalised retail gifts there's a lot to think about and, scarily, plenty that can go wrong. It's why we've compiled this “go to” checklist of everything you need to consider and that your supplier of choice should be able to satisfy.


Supplier experience

basic-square.png  A verifiable list of customers

basic-square.png  Proven experience of meeting exacting consumer demands

basic-square.png  Case studies and testimonials that corroborate this

basic-square.png  Projects for at least similar, if not identical, products

basic-square.png  Production run lengths that mirror your own

basic-square.png  Fulfilment/distribution in overseas countries and markets that you serve

basic-square.png  Ability to work with foreign language characters and alphabets


Supplier facilities

basic-square.png  Safe, clean and accessible physical buildings and space

basic-square.png  Long tenure

basic-square.png  Capacity and room for growth

basic-square.png  Latest print production and finishing capability already in-situ

basic-square.png  Technologically advanced, modern IT hardware

basic-square.png  Latest, licensed versions of necessary software (cloud or server based)



basic-square.png  Excellent communication skills across all likely customer channels

basic-square.png  Dedicated account direction and account management

basic-square.png  Helpful and responsive to requests

basic-square.png  Problem solving attitude

basic-square.png  Regular project meetings

basic-square.png  Online dashboards available 24/7

basic-square.png  Detailed and bespoke reporting as standard

basic-square.png  Recognised in the industry as go to place


Systems and processes

basic-square.png  Systems are automated, joined-up, already in place, tested and working

basic-square.png  Research and development is planned, constant, on-going and documented

basic-square.png  Project management conforms to recognised standards and methodologies

basic-square.png  Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are demonstrable and robust

basic-square.png  Established backend workflows

basic-square.png  Key personnel are named and their roles and responsibilities made available



basic-square.png  Business continuity insurance and plans

basic-square.png  Achievement of ISO 9001 quality management standard

basic-square.png  Achievement of ISO 14001 environment standard

basic-square.png  Achievement of ISO 27001 information systems standard

basic-square.png  Adherence to food safety regulations, if appropriate

basic-square.png  Membership of trade and regulatory bodies




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