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PG Tips personalised mug promotions.

Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
September 1 2016,
July 13 2020
Admen are known for their kooky off-the-wall ideas. It’s unlikely though that in the 21st century one would suggest dressing up a group of primates in regular human clothes and putting them in day to day situations drinking tea. Or is it?

First were the chimps

Remember the Tipps Family? You may not have known them by their full and family name but you’ll certainly have seen these stars of PG Tips ads that ran from the late 1950’s onwards. With a brief break from our screens in the late 1970’s when Animal Rights activists protested – you knew that The Tipps were a group* of chimpanzees, right? - they were brought back 18 months later to counter the drop in sales resulting from their absence.

Over the years a number of big names that included Peter Sellers, Cilla Black, Bob Monkhouse provided their voices making them something of a national institution. Treated like celebrities wherever they went, the Tipps spawned a spin-off in promo items and memorabilia such as trading cards and figurines.


Then came the Plasticine

You’d imagine that talking chimps are obviously a hard to act to follow. But when PG Tips partnered with Aardman’s Wallace and Gromit and became involved in their first film “The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”, their success with promotional items really took off. In 2005, and offering "Gromit" mugs on pack in the supermarket, PG Tips sales were reported to have increased by 600%. Not so much a curse then, more of a blessing!


Followed by the monkey

Since 2006 the unlikely combination of a knitted sock monkey (imaginatively named Monkey) and his Jonny Vegas sidekick Al, have been “the face of” PG. Originally a creation for the now obsolete ITV Digital, the pair have gone a long way to making our national drink cool again because “keeping it tea” (like keeping it real) is how Monkey and Al roll.



Cue PG Tips personalised mugs

Consumers love to be associated with a cool brand. And there’s no better way of doing that than by linking your own name, or “personal brand”, with it. So, PG’s latest giveaway is bound to be another raging success.

A unique code printed on-pack gives consumers the chance to win one of over half a million PG Tips personalised mugs, personalised with their own initials. Set to run for 5 months, people are clamouring to get hold of them. And, while personalised makes the re-sale market more limited, it also makes the product more coveted, so expect to see some popping up on auction sites very soon.


Just what is it with all these monkeys?

We’ve got some first-hand experience to share. Working with Kelloggs - you can read more about that here - we’ve been producing personalised spoons that customers choose to feature either Tony The Tiger, cockerel Cornelius or another monkey Coco. With all these personalised items on offer seems our breakfast tables will never be the same again!

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