Print on Demand Canvas Prints – the boom and the benefits

When it comes to printing papers and substrates, as with pretty much anything else, it’s “horses for courses”. So, for fine art prints, you might expect an alpha-cellulose, cotton rag, or even a resin-coated paper. All of these come at a cost and the printing equivalent of turning left when boarding the plane! At the other end of the spectrum, for a budget poster and a limited lifespan, a paperweight as low even as 170 gsm might be fine. Somewhere in the middle (or comparable to flying Premium Economy) falls canvas printing. And, with the boom in custom wall décor and personalised printed gifts, canvas is taking off. Here’s why:



As with other art or photo prints, there’s always the option for framing. The difference is, with canvas, it’s not necessary. That’s because typically printed onto a 260 g/m² canvas and then stretched over a wooden or MDF frame, the print remains rigid, stable, and strong. And, while it shouldn’t be hung somewhere humid or in direct sunlight which may cause fading, to keep it looking fresh and fantastic, a wipe with a soft dry cloth every so often is all that’s needed.



Canvas prints come in a whole raft of shapes, sizes, and designs which can include a single image or even collages. In fact, the only limitation is in the eye of the designer or online customer. In addition, depending on where the print is to be hung, sited, or displayed, a choice of mount/frame depth (usually between 1.8cm and 3.9cm) is also an option.


Eco friendly

Print-on-demand is, by its very nature, eco-friendly. Canvas prints produced this way mean no waste, no over-stock, and no landfill. Any POD partner worth considering will have FSC accreditation for paper and wood products, PEFC Chain of Custody, and ISO 14001 Certification as a minimum, with other sustainability initiatives also high on the agenda.



Because it’s not hidden behind glass, the texture of canvas offers a layer of visual interest unlike that of a flat, smooth-finished paper. It’s altogether more tactile and can even soften any imperfections in the original photograph or image.



Most crucially, canvas prints when produced professionally look great! Modern canvasses, which have replaced those made from hemp and other natural fibres, boast excellent ink absorption and offer sharpness and consistency in colours and image reproduction. Plus, unlike traditional framed prints, with a mounted canvas there’s also the option to wrap the image around the mount.


Price point

Last but by no means least, canvas prints are relatively inexpensive to produce and are lightweight to handle and ship. So, a first-class print experience, for the price of an economy ticket. Winner-winner.


Prime is the largest Print on Demand provider in the UK and, after 30 years in this sector, we’re the ecommerce partner of choice for many. If you’re looking for a POD partner with the resources, skills, and stocks to ensure your art and photo products are always available to market simply, quickly, and profitably, please get in touch. We’d be delighted to help.

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