Print On Demand Product Trends in 2021

Consumers are exacting, demanding, and always looking for the latest hot product. To help you choose what direction to take your personalised print on demand offering, this is our round-up of what trends we’re seeing and where the smart money is heading across our most popular products.

Children’s Books

That the pandemic and lockdown resulted in more time at home, more book purchases and more reading for the whole family, is well known. But when it comes to POD kids’ books we’ve seen two pretty definite and striking patterns emerging.

  1. Activity books, which makes perfect sense. Keeping young ones inspired and engaged is no mean feat and an even greater struggle when they’ve not been able to get out and about or mix with friends. It’s resulted in a significant increase in the sales of books that include puzzles, colouring or doodling.

  2. Hyper-personalisation. While simply adding a name is entry-level personalisation, the ability to create realistic avatars that include differing skin-colours, characters with disabilities, and that reflect blended family structures are now commonplace.


Social Stationery

In the world of social stationery, COVID has had an impact. Those wanting a digital detox and to connect on a deeper, more personal level with family and friends have turned once again to letter-writing. And they’re spending time (and money) choosing beautiful papers and notecards with which to do it. While tactile is the watchword when it comes to different stocks and substrates, finishes such as foiling have also risen in demand.

Plain, lined and now even dotted paper is popular for notebooks. While postponement and date change cards have also become “a thing”, across wedding ranges rustic and floral designs are rivalling the ever-popular, timeless, Monochrome palettes.



As owners become savvier with their smartphone cameras, they’re keener than ever to not risk losing their precious memories by preserving them with a photobook. We’re noticing two key photography trends which, as a consequence, are feeding through to the design of POD photobooks themselves.

  1. Minimalist – less is more with the content of photographs. Photography buffs are spending more time on composition and isolating subjects rather than cram a huge amount of detail into a single image.

  2. Relaxed – avoiding the staged and frozen-in-time wedding photographs favoured by their parents, today’s wedding couples are opting for the capture of informal and more candid moments from their big day.


Wall art

Across canvas prints, bespoke print-on-demand wallpapers and large-scale murals three key trends are prevalent.

  1. Linework – line drawings, particularly abstract face prints (think Picasso or Henri Matisse-inspired) are very popular right now. Expect to see more of this across homeware and soft furnishings too.

  2. Botanical, plants, and especially palm designs – perhaps something to do with getting back to nature or “bringing the outside in”, greenery is definitely an emerging craze for POD décor and wall-hangings.

  3. PANTONE’s choice of its 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and 13-0647 Illuminating yellow as colours of the year for 2021 has meant that this combination (said to be “warming and optimistic”) has proved a winning combo with designers and just as popular with consumers.


Prime is the largest Print on Demand provider in the UK and, after 30 years in this sector, there’s not much that we don’t know. If you’re looking to partner with an organisation with its finger on the pulse and the ability to bring your products to market, simply, quickly and without any fuss, please get in touch. We’d be delighted to help.

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