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Print – the coolest kid on the block

Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
May 11 2016,
March 28 2020

To hear some people talk you might think that print was outdated and out of fashion. Unfortunately some of those people are the printers themselves because we’ve been good at wrapping up, what's actually an innovative and technology-reliant process, in “speak” that paints it still as a heavy-plant, mechanical industry. But whatever the production method, the output speaks for itself and this week we've come across 3 examples in particular which might make you think that, far from “old skool”, print’s actually “too cool for school”!


Porsche 911 anyone?

The embodiment of style, it's hard to believe there could be a more desirable car on the planet. And Porsche’s recent ad in Fast Company magazine again cemented its latest model as the ultimate status symbol.

An affluent group of 50,000 subscribers were selected to receive what it dubbed "the world's first interactive hologram print ad". Comprising a small acetate prism which, when assembled and placed on a tablet, runs a video bringing 3-D footage of this “sex-on-wheels” vehicle to life. As well as those included in the mag, a further 100,000 of the prisms were distributed, by direct mail, to target recipients.

So far it's said to have generated more than 17,000 video views and 8.6 million Twitter impressions. You can check out a video here to get a flavour or, if you’re contemplating a new motor, drool over the new model here


New Yorker, New Yorker

Just hitting the newsstands with its “Innovators issue”, The New Yorker boasts a cover and ads which use its own augmented reality app, Uncovr, to transform the printed page into an interactive experience.

A striking yellow and black illustration on the outer, from celebrated artist Christoph Niemann, when viewed with the app becomes a 3-d version of the city that the viewer travels through and around on a subway train. Beautiful, clever and totally immersive you can view your own high-speed trip or just read more about it from the horse’s mouth here

A clean sweep

When Neutrogena in Brazil decided to give away free samples of its cleansing wipes in Caras magazine there was nothing unusual in that. Except that they decided to do it and, at the same time, demonstrate the effectiveness of their product by making it possible to wipe off the make-up from the cover star’s face!
Not just a smart stunt but clever marketing as it's widely acknowledged that there's a greatly increased likelihood of purchase after a direct connection with a product. As the head of the agency behind the ad said,

“This interactive piece of press gives consumers the power to star in the campaign. They handle the product, test, price and evaluate the outcome.”

Print. On the edge of extinction, or more cutting edge? You decide.

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