Personalised Business Calendars

Say "Thank You" to your customers with a Personalised Calendar

Written by Jason Groom
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September 26 2017,

We all use a calendar. We all love the sight and sound of our own name. And we all value ‘something for nothing’.

That’s why the gift of a personalised promotional calendar is a fantastic and fool-proof way of getting customers to see your marketing message, again and again, 365 days a year!

Their name… your brand - a truly individual way of saying ‘thank you’ and building customer loyalty.


There will be a renewed focus on customer loyalty and retention

Customer acquisition will be severely curtailed by GDPR and so to retain the customers we have will become a greater priority. Adding a personalised calendar to a customer loyalty program gives you the ability to build stronger relationships and create loyalty while targeting existing customers who are more likely to buy.


Why personalised business calendars

personalised calendarsThey are practical, personalised and provide the best means of staying in touch with your customers for an entire year. Response rates to personalised marketing campaigns are, on average, over 4 times that of responses to static, same-to- all messages. (Caslon Report)

The BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) regularly commissions independent and far-reaching research into the effectiveness of branded gifts. Here are some of the key facts and figures:-

  • 39% are more likely to use a business that has given them a promotional product, rather than a similar business that had not given them anything.
  • 35% indicated that they are more likely to remember promotional products because they see them more often (second only to TV advertising at 39%)
  • 94% remember the brand from a promotional item or product after six months
  • Around 66% hang on to branded gifts for more than six months
  • 87% of participants said that they kept a promotional item for longer than a year
  • Branded calendars are especially popular among older consumers 45+
  • 78% of consumers still use a printed calendar at home or work (PPAI)
  • 80% of consumers used their wall calendar every single day, compared to only 32% who used their computer calendar every day (PPAI)

And, if the product that you’re giving can be personalised to the customer it’s definitely worth bearing in mind the famous Dale Carnegie quote, “There is no sweeter sound to any person’s ear than the sound of their own name”. People are more likely to display and keep to hand something with their own name on it!

If you’d like to know more please get in touch.

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