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Shopper experience, boxing clever and personalised promotions

Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
October 26 2016,
July 3 2020
UK shoppers have become savvier, and according to research from Datamonitor, far more in search of a bargain than the global average (68% vs 59%).  They want discounts, savings and ultimately value. The rise of the discounters, half of UK shoppers actively buying more “own brands” to save money, and the decline in multi-buy promotions is causing retailers and brands a headache. They’re having to find novel ways to appeal to these price-conscious consumers and to explore new creative tactics to attract, engage and retain them.

Getting physical

With online shopping predicted to increase by 45% during 2016, Stuart Wood of Missouri Creative talks about the instore, physical shopping experience still being “the most potent and powerful expression of your brand, and the most exciting and visceral social experience for the shopper.”

He and many others are convinced that only by extracting the best possible value from their physical environments can retailers hope to win hearts and minds, inspire their customers and, ultimately, keep the tills ringing. They stress the need to take a fresh look at premises, layout and space planning to move beyond functional, to make the store a pleasurable, enjoyable “destination” thereby adding value to the visitor that goes beyond price.


Clever packaging

When it comes to product packaging, more than half of customers (61%) say they prefer custom products and custom designs. For a product that buyers identify as a commodity, when what’s IN the box is not discernibly different from the contents of competitors’, then novel materials, a striking label, or an unusual shape or design can become the differentiator.

As an example, and thanks to our American cousins, Hallowe’en has become an annual retail phenomenon and shelves in the confectionery aisles are straining under the weight of ghostly “treats”. Many of these are actually available all year round, albeit in a different guise, but have been successfully packaged and branded to exploit seasonal spending, to stand-out on shelf, and create appeal which customers are drawn to.


On-pack and personalised promotions

One look at the latest on-pack promotions by UK brands and you’ll be struck by the inspired give-aways, collaborations, brand alliances and sponsorships. Soft and alcoholic drinks with sporting-events tickets, bakery goods with the latest blockbuster movies, and confectionery products linked to “family adventures”. All great experiences and gifts set to tempt and sway a potential customer, and reward a few lucky ones.

The Cadburys’ “Joynormous” campaign goes one step further. The top prize, worth up to £10,000, is generous but adds additional pull by promising, as explained by Nuria Antoja marketing manager for Cadbury, the chance to win a unique, personalised surprise “created just for them.” 


And personalisation is a key, proven tactic, as evidenced by the current and award-winning success of the Kelloggs personalised spoons promotion (you can check that out here).

Gifts that “keep on giving”, personalised promotions trigger emotional connections to a product in a way that “money can buy” rewards just simply can’t match and ticking the attraction, engagement and retention boxes in one fell swoop!

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