Smart Packaging – striking, clever and old-skool

Written by Jason Groom
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Originally published
December 12 2018,
July 3 2020

We are all about “smart” now. SMART goals, smartphones, even smart packaging. The type that uses QR codes, NFC, even Augmented Reality (AR) to connect the offline to online and create interactivity and enhanced consumer experiences. All great stuff. But beautifully designed, old-school packaging still has a role to play and, done well, entices the customer and tempts him to buy. Check out eight our favourite and oh so clever examples:-


Noodle doodles

You’d think it hard to make this store-cupboard staple look funky. But that’s exactly what Russian designer Nikita Konkin did with his noodle packaging which showcases pasta as a range of trendy hairstyles.



News of the wooled

A terrible pun, but a fab piece of design. A ball of wool neatly packaged as a sheep…makes perfect sense and a fairly mundane product becomes so much more fun.



No plastic, or creases

Reducing the amount of plastic we buy and use has become critical for all of us. And finding a way to do that, which doesn’t compromise the quality of the product, can be a challenge for designers and brands. This cardboard outer which converts easily to a t-shirt hanger is inspired.



That’s saucy

It may be a first-world problem, but the struggle is real. Dipping your fries into ketchup when you’re on the go can be a messy business. If only there was a simple solution…



A close shave

If you thought that parmesan cheese only came in a plastic triangle, you’d be wrong. Pencil-shaped, and with cheese as the “lead”, this packaging comes with a ruler and sharpener to make shaving it onto you Caesar Salad or pasta dish absolute child’s play.



One of your 5-a-day?

We’re used to associating toilet paper with Labrador puppies but this fruity packaging is a curve-ball. A kiwi, strawberry, citrus or even watermelon wrapper makes for a different take on a bathroom essential.



Eggstraordinary box

This box made from hay gives a much more organic, and less battery-farmed look to the eggs it contains.

It’s also sustainable and fully degradable. What a cracking idea!



Hats off

The premium spirits market, particularly when it comes to Gin, is a competitive one. Standing out from the crowd, while staying “on-brand” requires designers to think creatively and beyond just the label. This top-hat top is quirky and does exactly that.


Some stand-out examples from designers who “think outside the box”. Quite literally!

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