The Crucial Role of Brand Asset Management in Segmented Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is evolving. In our increasingly digital world, personalisation has now become a defining factor in many successful marketing campaigns. Consumers expect brands to communicate with them in meaningful and relevant ways, or else the message becomes part of the onslaught of content they are faced with every day.

Personalising your campaigns means segmenting your market and tailoring your messaging to each segment’s individual needs and characteristics. It works that well that research shows that email campaigns that are targeted in this way are 75% more likely be clicked on than those that aren’t.

Here we’re going to take a look at the importance of brand asset management to be able to run campaigns of this type successfully. 


Can you do this with all marketing channels?

BMH_multiDigital marketing automatically lends it's self a more personalised approach and the vast majority of businesses are now incorporating this into their strategy, through activities such as social media advertising and email marketing.

What many businesses are overlooking, though, is the power of doing this with printed marketing materials. Once the pinnacle of this was including your customer's name on the brochure, but data-driven audience segmentation now means that you can do so much more. Personalisation can now be based on where the audience is located, what they have previously purchased, or how much they spend on average each time they shop with you. And, the list goes on and on.

The potential issue with running segmented printed marketing campaigns is that they can mean a whole lot of extra work for your central marketing team. By successfully implementing business-wise brand asset management, you can empower other regions within the business to create the materials that they need, while simultaneously protecting your brand.


How does brand asset management work?

Most organisations spend a lot of time – and money – ensuring that their brand is just right. And, quite rightly too! It’s how you want your business to be seen, and is what people will recognise and remember you by.

Whether you’re a global corporation targeting different countries, a nationwide business with regional hubs, or a local business wanting to reach out to different sectors of the community, it is key that your branding is used correctly across all of the marketing materials that you produce.

Brand guidelines are normally the first step in ensuring each element of your brand is used in the right way. It is having a shared drive so that everyone can access the assets that they need. This is by no means fool-proof, though. Old versions of assets may have been saved locally, graphics can be resized or skewed, and the wrong fonts can be used. Oh, and it relies on everyone reading, and understanding, the guidelines in the first place.


Systems like our Brand Marketing Hub take all of this risk away. By giving employees access to a secure online portal to create marketing materials in, you can ensure only the latest formats of each asset are available. Plus, you can even provide easily-searchable, templates and pre-populated designs for the individual branches to use, freeing your central marketing team up to do what they do best.

If you’d like to discover what else our brand asset management system could do for your business, talk to a member of our team today.

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