Top personalised gifts for Christmas 2021

We dubbed 2020 as the “the Christmas of personalisation” and, though we don’t like to gloat, it seems we were on the money! Starved of personal contact, and with face to face meet-ups being severely restricted, consumers chose personalised gifts as a way of reaching out, demonstrating ties, and keeping their loved ones close. As we hurtle towards Christmas 2021 it’s a similar picture and, this year, the choice of personalised products is even greater. It’s been tricky to narrow it down but here are ten of our favourites:


These personalised keepsake tins are perfect for just about anyone. As a way of giving and protecting something small and valuable, or just for keeping “bits and bobs” as a daily reminder of a special event or person. Nice.  Link


Know someone that’s planning to take over the world? They’ll thank you for this quirky A5, hardback cover, World Domination notebook made from sustainably sourced paper.



For big kids and small kids alike. Whether it’s for transporting schoolbooks, or even to raise a smile at their next important business meeting, this personalised Dennis and Gnasher rucksack has two shoulder straps and comes with a hanging hook, pockets, panels and a main zipped compartment. Link


For special recipes, for special friends, this is a notebook that will stand the test of time whether it’s new recipes or tried and tested favourites. A great gift for kitchen pros and novice cooks alike. Link



Books are always a safe bet at Christmas and this year we’ve selected two absolute crackers. Firstly, this kids one from Beheld will inspire its young reader to be “brave, courageous and purposeful” while confronting fictional wolves, ogres, and dragons.



Everyone knows that Dad is the hardest family member to buy for. So this 20-page book, specially designed and created for him, and uniquely illustrated based on a supplied photograph, will fit the bill perfectly. Link



When they don’t have much wall space, or if you’re just looking for a small gift or stocking-filler, these desk canvas prints at 20cm square are so cute. For a single image, or as a collage, they start at just £7.99. Link


There’s no shortage of designs, styles, and formats for photobooks. These magazine-style softcover versions with a glossy finish and printed onto 200gsm silk paper caught our eye though as they’re ideal for all those fashionistas, bloggers, and Instagrammers out there. Link



We’ve all waited so long to be able to travel again so, when we do, we’ll want to make sure it’s in style. These uniquely personalised tags will elevate the look of their luggage to first-class, even if they’re travelling economy!  Link



We’re all welded to our smartphones like never before. They’re rarely out of our hands and never out of our sight. So, a personalised photo phone cover is likely to make for a very welcome gift. With a choice of matte or gloss finish, on a standard or tough case (for the heavy handed!), there’s something for everyone. Link


These are our firm faves for this year, but it’s just a snapshot of the personalised gifts available. Let us know if you agree, or if there are others that you feel deserve a place in the line-up.

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