Smart scaling for B2C gifting

In the early 1930s when Allan F. Mogensen, the creator of work-simplification, coined the phrase “Work smarter not harder” he couldn’t have imagined that it would become the tagline for an award-winning advertising campaign. Even less that, following its adoption as BT’s slogan, it would become part of our national lexicon and a mantra for businesses across the world.


We’ve always done it this way…

Simple ideas are often the best. Logical and easily understood, this concept of efficiency over toil, intelligence over exertion, can be used by almost any business or endeavour. Leaders that apply it challenge the status quo and scrutinise conventional methods to see how they can be improved to deliver better results.


Unprecedented growth

A year like no other, 2020 meant smart working became not just desirable but absolutely essential. As businesses large and small fought for survival, many that were lean, agile and resourceful actually thrived. Take Moonpig, the online personalised card and gift retailer.

With steady annual growth since its inception, and dominant in both the UK and Dutch markets, sales for the six months to 31 October 2020 showed an eye-watering increase to £155.9m. Up 135% on the prior year.


Growth in a pandemic?

Scaling-up to meet customer demand, fast and without compromising quality or customer service can be a mean feat at any time. Factor in the additional challenges posed by COVID-19 and you’d wager it impossible. Not so for Moonpig.

As well as “lean, process-designed automation”, it credits much of its success to its efficient supply chain strategy and notably “flexible capacity arrangements with third-party partners”.


Smart is as smart does

Because having a desirable product and a snazzy ecommerce site is useless if your production and fulfilment arms aren’t up to scratch. If your payment gateway fails or your delivery partner lets you down, how can you expect to exceed service levels or confidently plan to expand?

Moonpig’s strategy to use a mix of in-house resource and outsource to trusted supply partners gives them the edge. It means it can “economically flex and scale its operations up to three times its normal dispatch volumes during peak periods”. But how many other businesses could confidently say the same? Prime’s customers can.


Rapid scalability

With 5 production sites, 20 digital presses, and the ability to handle 500,000 orders per day, Prime is the UK’s largest provider of personalised items. It’s capacity our customers can tap in to as and when they need it, so fielding risks associated with fluctuations in demand, or even a global pandemic! And smart working sits at the very heart of what we do. Smart Automation, Smart Collaboration, Smart Utilisation and Smart Products. The result? Less risk and less time-lag; and far greater resilience on a larger-scale.

Always doing what you’ve always done means you’ll always get what you’ve always got. If you’re exploring ways to change-up what you do, and seeking a partner to help you succeed, get in touch. It’s guaranteed to be a smart move!

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